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Free Human Design Chart

Get a glimpse of your unique energy map. In this free service you can see your type, your strategy, your inner authority, your Profile and your Incarnation Cross name.

Free Basic Human Design Report

In this short report, you will get some basic introductive information about Human Design, your Type, your strategy, your Inner Authority, your profile, your Definition, and your centers (defined and undefined). It is a good starting point to get the feeling of how Human Design can help you.

Full Human Design Report

This 30 pages report, gives you a good description about Human Design, how does it work and detailed information about your design.

More specifically this report covers in greater detail your Type, Strategy, Inner Authority, Profile, Definition and Centers. Although it cannot get into the depth that a Personal Foundational Analysis does, it can be a great reference tool for yourself to explore and ponder about. Great gift for yourself and your loved ones.

Cost: 40€