Psychology (RV)

Rave psychology is about fully exploiting the potential of your mind, establish your awareness and becoming a real external authority. Rave Psychology is about how you should see the world (perspective) and how you should take correct decisions (motivation), so that you can enrich your mind’s potential. If you are not operating correctly, you are distracted to the wrong view. You do not see what you supposed to see. Your mind also is also transferred to the wrong motivation.

The goal here is to have more awareness and awareness of yourself and the environment. In the human design system, the differentiation shows which kind of life resistance arises from conditioning and homogenization. Deep anger, frustration, bitterness and disappointment follow when the “mind” makes decisions based on identification with the “not self”.

Following this enriching process, you are going to get your differentiated perspective, which is your platform for your unique correct inner awareness and outer authority.

This is a process for those that follow strategy and inner authority and want to go deeper and bring awareness in their lives.

Human Design & You

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