Personal Foundational Analysis

This is the first and most important analysis that someone can have in Human Design. In this 1.30 hours reading, you will discover who you truly are, why you went astray from your core of your being and how you will correct your path in life, so that you can relax in the flow of your life.

You were born with the inherent potential to live your uniqueness in this life. Your bodygraph describes accurately who you truly are, how you can live this uniqueness, so that you navigate yourself in the correct path of your life and fulfill your purpose.

During the first seven years of life, conditioning has affected the way you make decisions with your mind and takes you away from the core of your being.

The Personal Foundation Analysis will bring to the surface who you truly are. I will describe you the map of your genetic code, how you can use your energy correctly, so that you can make with ease in the flow of life and live out the hidden potential of your being. I will actually show you how to make decisions in your life as yourself, trusting your own body intelligence. It is the correct decisions that will help you decondition yourself and live a fulfilling and aware life. I will show you how conditioning has deeply induced your decision making and took you away from the person you meant to be.

The Personal Foundational Analysis is the manual of your life that will guide you to live in synchronicity with existence, in which eventually you will discover the meaning of your life.

Cost: €150 (1.30 hr)

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