Health (PHS)

The primary health system (PHS) is a revolutionary approach to well-being. Good health and longevity is at a great extent, related to what or how you eat and the environment you live in. But what or how you should eat and where you should live is different for each individual. Human design can show what, or in which circumstances, you should eat and which is your correct environment according to your design.

In order to proceed in this process work, one must have had a Personal Foundation Analysis. It is important that, for someone to enter into this undertaking, he/she follows his/her strategy and inner authority for a period of time.

It can be seen in the Human Design System that conditioning and homogenization lead to a resistance to life. In the primary health system, conditioning and homogenization on a physical level lead to reduced performance, obesity and even illness.

There are two steps in PHS: optimizing the internal physical structures (correct intake of food) and moving in the right external surroundings (correct environment). The internal structure shows how the body works in general. It is also shows what type of nutrient supply the body needs. The external structure is the environment in which one lives, or a lot of time should be spent so that the body can move as smoothly as possible. The Primary Health System shows a person’s unique genetic predisposition. It shows you exactly under which very special conditions your organism works optimally and is therefore a basis for significantly improved and expanded body and brain functions.

For anyone that is interested, please have in mind that this is not a reading. It is, at least, a 3 months process in which you should get engaged. PHS is applicable to anyone that wants to get deeper in her/his movement towards a more aware life and for those that have health issues that want to deal with.

In this process I will give you all the relevant information, I will show you what is the correct diet and environment for you and I will guide you to apply them in your life.

Human Design & You

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