In my experience, I have seen people that take the Personal Foundation Analysis and feel the need for some guidance in implementing their strategy and inner authority. Although it is not necessary, they would like a strong supportive ally in changing their lives. I am available to those people as a guide, by helping them to realign themselves to what is correct for them.

The real gift of Human Design is that it gives you the possibility to make correct decisions as yourself. It shows you what is reliable in you and therefore trust it in dealing with life’s dilemmas. But conditioning sometimes makes it really difficult to follow your strategy and inner authority. The mind will not very easily lose its authority over you and therefore make the deconditioning process very hard for you. Or you might not be sure if you follow your strategy and inner authority in a correct way. If that’s the case, I offer coaching sessions as your guide to help you discern your true inner authority from your conditioned mind. I can help you clear out any foggy issues that might appear in your effort to realign yourself with your core essence.

Cost: €65 for one hour session

Human Design & You

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