Career Profile Analysis (B G5)

B G5 is a unique tool for discovering and transforming your personal career. The most important step for a career and material accomplishment, is to choose the correct vocation for you, the one that will bring you satisfaction and success in life. There is nothing more satisfying to have your work in perfect alignment with your unique talents and gifts. Whether you are a teenager, a young adult or an older one, this analysis will help you to see your strengths and weaknesses, your skills and attributes and how you can take advantage of those in the material plane.
More specifically you will see if you are designed to work in small groups, large ones or alone, what skills do you bring in any of these environments, how you interact with the others and what is your purpose in your life. You will also see the challenges that will take you off track and get signposts to help you realign yourself.

This B G5 Career Profile Analysis contains the following 16 tools that will be revealed to you for success in you work.

1. Career Type (Type) How do you best express yourself in the world?
2. Personal Interaction (Strategy) How do you best interact with others?
3. Decision-Making Strategy (Authority) What is your best decision making strategy?
4. Life Theme (Signature) Important signposts to keep you on track.
5. Assimilation (Definition, splits) How do you process information?
6. Environment Style (Trans-auric groupings) What work setting do you operate in best?
7. Business Skills (Penta gates) What skills do you bring to the table?
8. Team & Business Attributes (Penta Attributes) What do you bring to small groups?
9. The Nine Functions (Centers) Which functions define your consistent strengths?
10. Shadows/Distractions (Open Centers) Where are you taken off track?
11. Public Role (Profile) How do you manifest your purpose in the world?
12. Life Work (Incarnation Cross) What is the overall theme of your purpose in the world?
13. General Thematics (Circuitry) Are you focused on Empowerment, Sharing or Support?
14. Strengths & Contributions (Channels) What are the gifts that you bring to the world?
15. Characteristics & Qualities (Gates & Lines) What is your unique expression of these gifts?
16. Large Business & Group Strengths (OC 16 channels) Do you belong in large groups? Is this your Forte?

The Reading will be in 2 sessions, one hour each.

B G5 Career Profile Analysis Reading Cost: €250

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