About Me

In my early 20’s I finished my studies in Business Administration in the United States (Boston College) and then entered in my family business (Hotel Chain in Greece). My main area of interest was to bring new innovative ideas about the organization of the company. I was in charge for many years for the Procurement, HR, Quality, Internal Audit and IT departments.

It was in my mid-thirties when I realized that this was the job I will not continue to do for my rest of my life. I then started a journey of self-exploration (which never stopped). I started with psychotherapy (for 3-4 years). During this time I also became an Usui Reiki Master. Then I continued to study as a therapist myself, in which I got my diplomas for Primal therapy and Channeling. During these years and the next to come I tried many healing methods and systems, which include Osho Meditations, Rebirth, Gestalt, Ayahuasca, Iboga, Bioresonance therapy, Homeopathy, Accupunture, Ayurveda, Hatha Yoga, Alexander technique and Numerology. My pursuit was always to heal myself and find answers to my existential questions.

Whatever I tried has helped me in a lesser or bigger extent. But when I met Human Design (when I was around 40 years old), there was a great shift in my life. Besides its great accuracy, beauty and wealth of information you get, it provided me with the most important tool in my life. How to make decisions. I realized, when I was in psychotherapy, that in some extent, I gave authority to my therapist over me. With Human Design, I got the way to make decisions based on my inner authority, based on what is correct for me. Human Design provided me also the answers to many of my existential questions.
Having experimented and studied Human design for 10 years, seen its validity for myself, I felt that was time for me to start sharing what I have learned and experienced with others.

Spyros Angelopoulos