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Human Design

Human Design is a system, that describes accurately who you are and helps you navigate in this life as yourself. It helps you, with the use of simple tools, to realign yourself into your true nature. It helps you to deal with life in a relaxed way and eventually become more aware. Human Design system is a synthesis of the ancient observational systems of Astrology, the Chinese l Ching, the Hindu – Brahmin Chakras, the Judaic Kabbalah and the contemporary sciences of Quantum mechanics, Astronomy, genetics and biochemistry. It is not a belief system. It is a logical, empirical system that you can experiment for yourself and see whether it works for you or not. Eventually, it will help you to live as yourself and see your uniqueness revealed

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Human Design & You

Personal Foundational

This is the first and most important analysis that someone can have in Human Design. In this 1.30 hours reading, you will discover who you truly are, why you went astray from your core of your being and how you will correct your…

Health (PHS)

The primary health system (PHS) is a revolutionary approach to well-being. Good health and longevity is at a great extent, related to what or how you eat and the environment you live in.

Psychology (RV)

Rave psychology is about fully exploiting the potential of your mind, establish your awareness and becoming a real external authority.

Career Profile

B G5 is a unique tool for discovering and transforming your personal career. The most important step for a career and material accomplishment, is to choose the correct vocation for you, the one that will bring you satisfaction and success in life.


In my experience, I have seen people that take the Personal Foundation Analysis and feel the need for some guidance in implementing their strategy and inner authority.
Human Design - Other Readings

Other Readings

Although the Personal Foundational Analysis could be the first and last reading someone needs in order to start the journey of reaching their true potential in their lives, there are several other readings that might help in this process.

Human Design & Others

Human Design - Relationships


Relationships can be very fulfilling, but they can be also very turbulent. It is the relationship with the other (whether, it is our wife or husband, our friend, our parents, our children, etc.) that carry the opportunity to grow, to mature and eventually to bring more awareness in our lives.


If you are living in a family, then there is a trans-auric form that emerges which is called Penta. It is the energy of all members of the family that create this Penta, which dominates the family environment. These dynamics are revealed to you […]
A child climbing a tree


As Ra Uru Hu (founder of HD) has stated many times this Knowledge is ultimately for children. If a child can be nurtured according to his / her design, then the level of conditioning he / she receives can be substantially reduced, and in consequence…
Human Design - Business Consulting

Small Business
Consulting (BG5)

BG5 is revolutionary way to see the operation of a small business (3-5 people). The individuals form this unified business group, which has its own dynamic and qualities. Depending on the mix of people, this group dynamic can be functional or dis Juctronal, successful or not. There are 12 business skills…

About Me

In my early 20’s I finished my studies in Business Administration in the United States (Boston College) and then entered in my family business (Hotel Chain in Greece). My main area of interest was to bring new innovative ideas about the organization of the company. I was in charge for many years for the Procurement, HR, Quality, Internal Audit and IT departments.
It was in my mid-thirties when I realized that this was the job I will not continue to do for my rest of my life. I then started a journey of self-exploration (which never stopped). I started with psychotherapy (for 3-4 years). During this time I also became an Usui Reiki Master. Then I continued to study….